Do you ever feel like you have to “do it all?”  

For so long, I felt this way, too. I used to think that growth in my business could happen only by building it one brick at a time – doing it all myself. “The right way” was about me, making mistakes, learning from them, but never feeling like I could have a partner in the process. Success felt like a solo pursuit - a singular responsibility.  

But 28 years and 8 businesses later, I’ve learned that the journey doesn’t have to be so lonely. In fact, I’ve grown more and more as I’ve invested in relationships, resources, experts, and simply the value of realizing that success is only better when it comes through the support of people cheering you on.  

That’s why I founded Sales Savvy in 2021 after a long career in sales: so you can have that kind of perspective and partner on your side – so your journey in business can be a better, less lonely one than I once thought mine had to be.  

From the early days of my family’s business, to working for startups, corporations, Avon, and my own enterprises, I’ve sold everything from $1M of pens to $40 jewelry out of the trunk of my car. I’ve learned how to sell from every angle, and more importantly, build the lasting, authentic relationships that bring in regular, reliable sales and create lifelong connections. And in just the past 10 years, I’ve read and studied more than 100 books on sales, marketing, and business. I’ve poured every best practice I know and everything I’m still learning into what we do at Sales Savvy.  

Because even if you’re not comfortable with sales or you don’t know how to get your message out there, I believe that you can create new growth in your business. You can have an action plan that works for you to bring in consistent clients and feel good about your work. And you deserve to have a guide that can help you make those things happen and cheer you on every step of the way.  

That’s who I’d love to be for you. I’m here to celebrate the wins with you and be a partner who’s invested in helping you reach them. Because you deserve to get the right knowledge not just from an expert – but from someone who believes in you and your business – and someone who gets the journey because they’ve walked it before.  

So wherever you with sales right now, know that you don’t have to keep working on it alone. Let’s get you savvy together.  

President, Sales Savvy
Sales Consultant 

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